About Us


Frank Sandola / Owner and Sales

After 25 years in auto sales, I quickly discovered that retirement in this industry was not an option for me quite yet. My interest had turned into passion and my career developed into a lifestyle. I have worked for corporate dealerships as the top salesman and had the opportunity of owning a Hyundai dealership for 5 years, but there is nothing quite like calling something your very own and sharing it with the ones you love. Our family owned shop based in beautiful Paris Ontario has become our small-town hobby that benefits families and individuals in our community to have quality service and a hassle free car buying experience.

My passion for cars also exists in motorcycles, being an active Harley-Davidson rider for 38 years. We take pride in our loyal customer base and value honesty and trust. Being a member of the Used Car Dealership Act (UCDA) and being licensed by Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC), customers can feel comfortable with the sale knowing they will enjoy the vehicle that fits their needs. Knowledge of both industries has been passed onto my step-daughter Chelsie who has now taken on roles at the shop, keeping up with our family passion.


Chelsie Westwood / Business and Finance Manager

The car industry has always been a part of my life growing up with Frank as a step-father and mentor. When he had owned the Hyundai Dealership, I was always involved and even employed as I grew older. I had responsibilities within Business Administration, Service sales and customer contact which quickly created long-lasting relationships with individuals in this community. I love to communicate and help people achieve their goals financially. Being involved in this family business does not make work feel like work. It creates a sense of being a part of something bigger. We love to involve people in this feeling and treat them like family the moment they walk through the door.